The chILD Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose
 mission is to accelerate research to cure all forms of Children’s Interstitial and Diffuse Lung Disease (chILD) and to provide compassionate support, education, and hope to children and families affected by these life-altering diseases.

Our philosophy stems from a few core beliefs.

  1. We believe that individually the chILD syndromes are rare, but collectively, this group of diseases comprises a large group of pediatric lung disease patients that are under-represented in the research and medical communities.
  2. We believe that all pediatric lung disease patients deserve access to accurate diagnoses, effective treatments, and hope for a cure.
  3. We believe that working together to support all forms of chILD is the most effective way to advocate for these kids. Together we are stronger and we will work tirelessly until we have found cures for all forms of chILD.

chILD is not a single disease but a group of lung disorders for which there is no cure, and limited treatment options. The prognosis for children affected is varied by diagnosis, but many have high morbidity and some have high mortality rates. Without lung transplantation, the prognosis for some of these children is poor.

Like cystic fibrosis, chILD meets the qualifications as a rare disease. There’s presently limited knowledge of the chILD disorders, even among pediatric pulmonologists. Consequently, the delay between the onset of symptoms and ultimate diagnosis often takes years. The chILD Foundation is devoted to increasing awareness through education, and has assisted in the development of a technology platform where instances of chILD can be reported, shared and made available for diagnostic studies and scientific research.

Many active members of the chILD Foundation have been personally impacted by chILD and are keenly aware of the need to provide support for chILD families. The foundation is a reservoir and conduit for information on the various disorders, treatment options, medical specialists, research studies, and other content to help families cope.

The foundation has developed strong partnerships with other foundations and philanthropic organizations with similar objectives, like the Rare Lung Diseases Consortium and the American Thoracic Society. These relationships are leveraged through matching fund contributions and other endeavors to accelerate clinical research and progress towards a cure.

Today, the chILD Foundation continues its work to carry out its mission. Sadly, there are many more chILD families. But, as these new families have worked together with the foundation, they have found support, answers to their questions and hope that future research will find successful treatments and, ultimately, cures for their children.

The chILD Foundation is committed to delivering the financial resources required to make real progress towards a cure, and to improving the quality of life for kids and families impacted by chILD. Fundraising is the lifeblood for our Mission, and the only means by which we can give the breath of life to kids afflicted with chILD.