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The Interstitial Lung Disease Program at Children’s Hospital Boston (CHB) consists of an expert team of physicians, surgeons, nurses, nutritionists and social workers who assist in the care of children with interstitial lung disease.

Our multidisciplinary team provides a full diagnosis and evaluation of each child with interstitial lung disease. We work with families to plan individualized therapy depending on the specific condition. Our goal is to offer the best care of the child’s respiratory health, growth and nutrition. Additionally, we provide education about pediatric interstitial lung disease and family support. If indicated, we also assist in arranging home health care support and supplies, transportation services, and visiting nursing services.

In addition, our team meets on a monthly basis for multidisciplinary case review. The Division of Respiratory Diseases provides expert review and opinion, as well as other services and support, for lung transplantation. We work closely with our aerodigestive, home ventilation, pulmonary hypertension, physical therapy, nutrition, and sleep medicine colleagues. CHB offers a full range of pulmonary function testing including infant PFTs and cardio-pulmonary exercise testing.

Meet our Team-The Pediatric Interstitial Lung Disease Program at Children’s is a multidisciplinary effort between multiple medical specialties.


  • Martha Fishman, MD, Clinic Director, Division of Respiratory Diseases; Co-Director, Interstitial Lung Disease Program
  • Alicia Casey, MD, Co-Director, Interstitial Lung Disease Program; Division of Respiratory Diseases
  • Gary Visner, DO, Medical Director, Pediatric Lung Transplant Program; Division of Respiratory Diseases
  • Kenan Haver, MD, Co-Director, Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia Program; Division of Respiratory Diseases

Neonatology/Pulmonary: Larry Rhein, MD, Director, Center for Healthy Infant Lung Development
Surgery: Craig Lillehei, MD
Radiology: Edward Y. Lee, MD, MPH
Pathology: Sara Vargas, MD
Critical Care: Adrienne Randolph, MD, MSc
Cardiology: Mary Mullen, MD
Hematology/Oncology: Leslie Lehmann, MD, Medical Director for Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant
Rheumatology: Robert Sundel, MD, Director, Rheumatology Program
Gastroenterology: Rachel Rosen, MD, Medical Co-Director, Center for Aerodigestive Disorders
Allergy/Immunology: Lisa Bartnikas, MD
Genetics/Neonatology: Pankaj Agrawal, MD
Nursing: Lauren Giancola, RN
Social Work: Judy Bond, LICSW

Want to request a consult or referral?

For referrals: We accept both patient and physician based referrals. New patients should forward pertinent primary care visit records, growth charts, hospital discharge summaries, specialty reports, pertinent laboratory results, operative reports, and radiology reports, with all pertinent study images loaded on to a CD ROM for our review.

Preferred Physician Contacts

Alicia Casey, MD or Martha Fishman, MD
Boston Children’s Hospital
Division of Respiratory Diseases
300 Longwood Avenue
Boston, MA 02115