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School Aged Children

Some school-aged kids with chILD have had their diagnosis since they were babies. Other children may be diagnosed while in this age group. There are some things about kids this age that seem easier to families. There are other parts of this age that can be harder with chILD. 

School aged children need specific support. The sections below share basic information about treatments and supports for this age group.

Oxygen Therapy 

Many types of chILD make it harder for the lungs to move oxygen to the body.  

When a person breathes, air passes through the airways into tiny air sacs called alveoli. These alveoli are where the oxygen we breathe passes into the blood. This is also where carbon dioxide (a waste gas from our cells) leaves the blood so we can breathe it out. Doctors can measure the amount of oxygen in the blood (oxygen saturation) using a pulse oximeter. If oxygen saturations are low, your child may be given oxygen to use at home.  Read More


Nutrition is very important for people with chILD. When your child grows, their lungs grow too.  

Children with lung disease can have trouble growing and gaining weight. This is because they may use more energy (calories) to breathe. They usually need to eat more calories than other kids without lung disease. Your medical team may include a dietitian who can help make sure your child is eating what they need to grow.  Read More

Home Supplies 

Supporting children with chILD usually means needing to use medical equipment at home. Your medical team will work with a homecare or Durable Medical Equipment (DME) company to make sure the right supplies are ordered for your child. Read More

Some examples of DME include: 

  • Oxygen and monitors 
  • Nebulizer machines 
  • Suction machines 
  • Ventilators or positive pressure machines 
  • Feeding tube supplies 

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Keeping my Child Safe 

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Staying Active 

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 School Support 

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Mental Health 

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What to Watch For 

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