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Chest CT Scan

A chest CT is also called a “CAT scan.” This uses multiple x-rays to rotate around the body and help make a 3-D picture. This picture is much more detailed than a single x-ray. Doctors use chest CTs to get detailed information on lung structure. They can give the medical team a more detailed view of the airways, air sacs (alveoli), lymph nodes, blood vessels, and interstitial spaces of the lungs.   

For chILD, usually a high-resolution chest CT is needed. “High resolution” means that smaller details will be seen. Sometimes doctors will give contrast dye through an IV to help see the blood vessels in the chest.  

A person getting a CT scan lies down on their back on a table usually with their arms above their head. The donut shaped machine circles the body, taking pictures from various angles to get good, detailed images.  

Your child will need to stay very still during the test. They will take a big breath in and hold it for several seconds. If your child is younger than 4 or 5, they may need to be sedated. This is so the team can get the right pictures to diagnose chILD.  


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