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Securing the Cannula

For most infants and toddlers, the cannula will need to be secured to the child’s face until they get used to wearing it and will leave it in place. There are many ways to secure the cannula and it may take a few tries to find the one that works best for your child. Your doctor or DME vendor can give you Tendergrips, various types of tape (tegaderm, duoderm, hyptape, etc.), and/or skin protectant products to prevent discomfort and skin breakdown on the cheeks. If you want helpful hints on how to secure the cannula, we encourage you to ask other parents in our forums.

Hytape. Hy-Tape®’s zinc oxide based adhesive formula is soothing to delicate skin. Tape removes with minimum trauma to the skin and reduces the chance of skin tears and tape burns. Hy-Tape®’s protective nature is perfect for extended-wear use. You can request FREE samples from the Hy-Tape website.

Tender Grips. A unique skin fixation system designed to hold the cannula head tubing and face-piece in position. It is easy to apply, allows the skin to breathe, holds securely and leaves the fixed object clean without messy residues.