#CartwheelsForKids Challenge

Thank you for participating in the #CartwheelsForKids Challenge! chILD - a group of rare disorders that are under-funded

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Family Support Groups

Family Support Groups

Come join other families living with various forms of chILD to ask questions and gain support. JOIN OUR FORUM.

Strategies for Living with chILD

Strategies for Living with chILD

Through our education and support programs, get information on how to give your child the best care.

Watch and Learn about chILD

Watch and Learn about chILD

Find out what it is all about and what you need to do to prepare yourself and your family.

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Get Involved!

There are many ways you can help chILD and what has been accomplished so far could not have been without your help. ChILD is rare so there are little funds available for research and support. Please help us how best you can.

Summer 2015

31 May, 2015Posted In : Summer 2015

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  • Messages from our chILD Donors

    In memory of this precious child and in hopes that research will lead the way to cure and treatment that will allow children like Alyssa to live without this tragic condition. – In honor/memory of Alyssa Jane Altman

    Nancy Beane (Nancy Beane)
  • Messages from our chILD Donors

    This was one of my wife’s favorite causes and I am happy to continue her support of it in a small way. – In honor/memory of Chris Back

    Ron Back (Kandy Horn)
  • Messages from our chILD Donors

    In honor/memory of Callen and Charlotte Farrell.

    Renee Farrell (Renee Farrell)