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Parent/Patient advisory council

The purpose of the Parental Advisory Committee is to advise the Board of Directors on programming and research goals that will best accomplish the mission of chILD; and to act as liaisons between the chILD Foundation and the patients and families to give families and patients a direct voice in programming that affects their lives.

To accomplish this purpose, the committee will work to:

  • Facilitate a meaningful dialogue between patients, families, doctors/researchers and the chILD Foundation.  
  • Increase family involvement with the chILD foundation

Create strong regional groups of chILD Families who can depend on each other for social support and participate in chILD Foundation activities.

Current PAC members

Danny Mascari

Elizabeth Hilton

Katie Smith

Are you interested in joining the Parent/Patient Advisory Council?

Simply fill out the form below and submit it to the Foundation. We are adding members on a rolling basis as we grow the Council.