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Genetic Testing

Genetic testing is done to find out more information about your child’s genes. Many types of chILD are caused by problems in the genes that help lungs work normally. Genes give the body instructions on how to make proteins. Genes are made of DNA.  Changes in the DNA can cause problems in the genes. This can lead to problems with how the lungs are made or how well they work. 

There are different types of genetic testing. There are tests that just look at certain parts of the DNA. There are other tests that look at all of your child’s DNA. These tests can help with diagnosis of chILD.  

Sometimes changes in the genes are confusing and may not give very clear answers. Your medical team will discuss the benefits of genetic testing and will help explain results. You may also work with a genetic counselor who can help everyone understand what the results mean. 

Genetic testing usually involves a blood draw. Results can take several weeks to months to come back, depending on which testing is done.  


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